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Al-Hyatt Food Corner was conceived keeping the below target audience in mind.

Al-Hyatt Food Cornor is the Best Nonveg Restaurant In Kota - Talwandi, Jawahar nagar, Mahavir Nagar, Indra Vihar, Vigyan Nagar, Rang Bari, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar.

Being away from home and yearning your mom's delicious food, you are sick of eating the commercial food. You are so busy that cooking is not an option.
"How I wish I could just pick up delicious home style cooked food everyday"

The Working WIFE
Returning from work, hungry & exhausted, the idea of making dinner becomes daunting.
"How I wish I could order dinner when I leave work and it is delivered on time when I reach home, so I can spend the limited time with my family"

Takes 30 min of traffic to get to a restaurant, 20 min before you are seated, 20 min to get food on your table and another 30 min to get back home.
"How we wish we could by pass all these hassles and bring the restaurant to our home"

The Retired COUPLE
You are now bored to cook everyday but need to eat. You have done your fair share of cooking all your life and just want to relax now and have fun.
"How we wish we could get out meals delivered at home when we need"


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+91 9314028847

498-A, Al-Hyatt Complex,
Jawahar Nagar Kota 324005

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